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Finding home through art

Ingrid Bohigas is a Swedish/Catalan self-taught artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Since early childhood she has used art as a way of self expression. Her passion for drawing and painting started as a toddler and before the age of ten she had joined a dance group, a theater group, played the piano and did ceramics. As an introvert who wasn’t the most talkative in groups of people, the art world was the space where she could express her true self and let herself be seen. 

In her adult life, Bohigas has worked many years as a social worker. Helping families with complex psychosocial problems in her daily life, the art has always been a space for her to reconnect with herself as well as it has been an outlet for emotional and energetic release. Working with people while going through her own experience of life, her interest in understanding all aspects of herself in connection with others only grew bigger.

Bohigas is deeply passionate about inner work and uses art as a medium in her self healing journey. Her visuals allow her subconscious to reveal itself. This is why Bohigas’ art making process is not only about creating beauty in this world, but it’s also about connecting deeply with her authentic self. Using acrylic painting, Bohigas’ artwork is a storytelling of her inner journey, unpacking experiences of self-discovery. Knowing that we are all connected and that human and nature are not separate, her paintings portray the woman as a reflection of herself as well as every being, in their true nature, which is just that, nature